Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Next Lit: Tuesday 14th May

At last another Lit is on the horizon!  The next Lit will be on Tuesday the 14th of May at 7:30 at the Plymouth Social Club. Email rachelgippetti@yahoo.com to book a space on the open mic. 

After a fantastic reading from March's special guest Richard Thomas (check his website in post below), I am very pleased to announce that May's special guest will be Plymouth based playwright and theatre director Tom Nicholas.  Take a look at his website here http://tomnicholas.com/!

A reminder that Lit is now on facebook so spread the word and see you in May!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Group Poem

Behold the result of the 'group poem experiment' that those who were at the last Lit event participated in.  I have taken the lines that you all wrote, cut them up and cobbled them together. Feel free to rework it, make your own version and post it on the facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lit/181312785326264?ref=hl

In This Room

In the silence
As we listen enraptured
I want so
To give up the world
To lay away from this place
Soulless light reflects on a patterned shirt
In Russia poets were sent to Siberia
Not an imaginary place
The British have a plane in Dartmouth Square
There are people
Scavengers in some ways
The final fat from the lion sheds slowly
A tiger kills a man - we call it ferocity
I surrender my dreams
Up stairs the bar swooning
A man kills a tiger - we call it sport
And home we are content, the room full
I want ownership of certain words
I’ll never sell my soul
Rhythm not yet done
I hope – the sound
The footprints
Would be proud 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Next Lit: Tuesday 5th of March

January's Lit was amazing...that is all.  Check out Hannah Silva's website (linked on previous post)if you missed it and DON'T be so foolish in March!  

The next Lit will be on Tuesday the 5th of March at 7:30 at the Plymouth Social Club. Per usual, email rachelgippetti@yahoo.com to book a space on the open mic.  

Lit still needs a featured artist for the March event so if you or someone you know is interested in filling that role please get in touch! 

March will be showcasing special guest, poet, Richard Thomas, who's debut collection The Strangest Thankyou is being launched in February. Take a look at his website!!  http://richardchristopherthomas.wordpress.com/

I have also made a facebook page for Lit and will using it as a place to post info/updates/photos/videos.  It can also be a space for Lit participants, audience and enthusiasts to communicate with each other.  So don't be shy! Reach out! Share! Collaborate! 

Collaborative poem composed by January's Lit audience is coming soon...

Lastly, just a few upcoming Literary events in Plymouth that are not to be missed!

9th February at The Last Shop Standing - Richard Thomas launches his debut collection The Strangest Thankyou

2nd March at the Plymouth Arts Centre - The Language Club with Featured Guest Andy Brown


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Next Lit - 15th Jan 2013

I am very happy to say that the second Lit was as wonderful as the first! 

Another big turnout, full open mic, and wonderful reading from the special guest Tom Vowler!  Last month's event also spawned a new addition to the night - from now on, at each Lit there will be an artist exhibition in the 'gallery' at the social club.  If you did not make it last month and missed out on seeing Kinetic Artist Lee McDonald's Sonic Reverberator, I highly suggest that you check out his website http://www.leemcdonald.co.uk/.

The next Lit will be on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7:30pm in the Plymouth Social Club, so go buy your new 2013 diary and save the date!

The special guest will be Hannah Silva, an original, exciting and award winning writer and performer.  She has been published in numerous books, showed her theatre internationally and is most certainly not to be missed!  Check out her blog (I mean it): http://hannahsilva.wordpress.com/

Per usual there will be an open mic for poetry, prose and performance. There will be a limit of 5 minutes per person.  Email rachelgippetti@yahoo.com to book a slot!

Can't wait to see you next month (and next year!!)!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Amazing first Lit! 'When is the next one?' you ask... 20th Nov!


There is no doubt about it, the first Lit was a resounding success! The open mic spanned over two hours and an audience of nearly fifty people was way beyond expectations!  A huge thank you and 'Hooray!' to all who came and participated!!  So many different voices, forms and styles were heard; poetry (in English and French), novel excerpts, short stories, and importantly, the open mic was graced by both seasoned pros and first time performers.

The reading by Lit's first featured guest, poet, Kenny Knight, was enjoyed by all and if you couldn't make it or want to find out more about him and his work, check out his website! http://www.kennyknight.co.uk/
The next Lit will be held on Tuesday 20th of November at 7:30 at The Plymouth Social Club (on Tavistock Place, PL4 8AX). There will be a small entry fee of  £ 1 to help cover costs of putting on the night.   As before, there will be an open mic for POETRY, PROSE & PERFORMANCE, so feel free to think outside the box.  Time slots will be approximately 7 mins.  
--> Email Rachel at rachelgippetti@yahoo.com to book a slot!

Lit is also delighted to announce that the featured guest for the next event is Tom Vowler!  Tom is the author of the award winning short story collection The Method and the forthcoming novel What Lies Within.  Find out more about him and his work and get excited for his reading by visiting his website. http://www.tomvowler.co.uk/index.html

So there you have it, another amazing Tuesday evening is only just over a month away!  Don't be shy and book your open mic slot ASAP as they will go quickly!  See you there!

Below are some other exciting upcoming literary events taking place in Plymouth over the next few months:

10th November: 
The Language Club will be taking place at the Plymouth Arts Centre.  

16th November: 
Pennycomequick Club presents: The Honicknowle Book of the Dead: An Exhibition of Photographs and Poems by Peter Davey and Kenny Knight.  Taking place at the Pipe Gallery on the Barbican. http://www.facebook.com/events/443555079028803/

4th December: 
Short Story Slam will be taking place at the Plymouth Social Club.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Introducing Lit

A night of poetry, prose and performance! Read! Recite! Tread the boards (grubby carpet) of the Plymouth Social Club! 

This is a night for you to share your work, or work that inspires you, with an audience.  A venue for experienced practitioners to perform and present alongside those who are just being to explore their craft.  A relaxed and social environment, which will hopefully lead to discussion, collaboration and a widening literary and artistic community in Plymouth and the South West. 

If the idea of facing an audience is a bit much for you - not a problem! Just come and enjoy, support your friends, make new ones. There is a bar on site to promote courage and conviviality. 

E-mail Rachel at rachelgippetti@yahoo.com to book an open mic slot or for more info. Time limit is around 7 mins.